It is very important to us that all students have the level of support needed for their academic success and sensory needs. Therefore, we base our tuition on level of support. Tuition is $19,995 each school year. Scholarships are available. Items covered by tuition include but are not limited to textbooks and other instructional materials and field trips.

With small group learning opportunities and low student to teacher ratios, your child will receive what they need to excel academically and grow personally. Join us at Nia School and experience the strength of teamwork and tailored support through our exceptional program.

To ease the financial strain and make quality education accessible to all, we are pleased to offer flexible payment plans designed to accommodate various budgetary needs. Moreover, we proudly offer scholarships to assist families in giving their child the nurturing educational experience they deserve.

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Payment plan B

Monthly Tuition Payment

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4 quarterly payments of Tuition

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