Former HBCU Professor and Founder of Neurodivergent Academy Announces Open Enrollment

The Nia School, a groundbreaking institution dedicated to providing inclusive education for neurodivergent learners, officially announces that it is accepting students for open enrollment. Founded by Dr. Maya Corneille, former professor of psychology at Morehouse College, and supported by a passionate team of educators and advocates, the Nia School aims to revolutionize the way neurodivergent students are educated in the Metro Atlanta area.

Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, Dr. Corneille and her husband, entrepreneur and managing director of Heart From Start, an entrepreneur support agency that supports social entrepreneurs, and director of communications for Nia School, Michael “Mic” Valentine, helped support Dr. Corneille’s bold decision to step away from teaching college students to instead teach younger kids who can’t fit in at other schools, in order to create the Nia School Decatur. Drawing on their expertise and personal experiences, they sought to address the inequities faced by neurodivergent students in traditional educational settings.

The Nia School offers a nurturing and supportive environment where neurodivergent learners can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. By implementing innovative teaching methods, fostering a loving environment, and providing personalized support services, the school empowers students to embrace their unique strengths and achieve their full potential.

Commissioner Lorraine Cochran Johnson of DeKalb County, a staunch advocate for inclusive education and entrepreneurship, expressed her support for the Nia School. “The dedication and passion of Dr. Maya Corneille, Tiffany Blasingame, and their team exemplify the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in our community,” said Commissioner Johnson. “Together, we can create brighter futures for all students, regardless of their learning differences.”

The grand opening of the Nia School marks a significant milestone in the journey towards educational equity and inclusion. Dr. Corneille, Mr. Valentine, and their team are excited to welcome students and families to join them in shaping a future where every learner is valued and supported.

For more information about the Nia School and enrollment opportunities, please visit

Media Contact:

Michael “Mic” Valentine

(404) 458-7096

Director of Communications, Nia School

308 Clairemont Ave,

Decatur, GA 30034

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